Monday, July 30, 2018

CDP-Community Music Center, San Francisco CA; 7/27/18

CDP had spent what was for our collective members a lot of rehearsal time leading up to last Friday night's show. Amanda Chaudhary, Tom Djill, Joshua Marshall and myself are all heavily involved in all kinds of stuff, but we all found time to put in the extra effort for our Outsound Summit 17 show. As for me, the extra work felt as though it had sunk in: I was ready to play. I got in a nice walk around the Mission before our set and marveled at the weird dusky humidity and fog. San Francisco is always so strange at that time of day. Anyway, back to the set. CDP had a nice little crowd at Community Music Center, enough people to feel inspired. Our set started off maybe just a touch shaky, but we seemed able to shake off the jitters and get down to really playing Amanda's wonderfully sweet charts and their attendant improvisations. I had a grand time within these spaces, especially during North Berkeley BART (this song should be put out on 7"), and the new tune, Rambutan. This latter one had some fun audience participation, to boot. It seemed to me as though we really filled up our 45 minute set with a good mix restraint and bombast, all the while having fun and grooving really well. Tom got some really funny sounds going on the 12/8 shuffle of Marlon Brando that had me lol'ing while trying to keep that groove going. Not too bad, I must say; I almost have that one within grasp. Josh as usual played great, at times growling with his tenor, at others playing very lyrically, especially on his soprano. Amanda lead things really well, conducting the group into some very cool sonic realms. It's always a pleasure to realize the music of CDP!
After our bubbly set, Dire Wolves hit and put out some serious trance moves. Awesome.
What a fun damn night at CMC!
Many thanks to Rent, Ray Schaeffer, Eli Pontecorvo, Sheila Bosco, Dire Wolves, and the members of CDP for an exceptionally fun event. Hooray for Outsound!

Below: CDP on a good stage, where it belongs (photo by Jason Berry, thanks Jason!)

Below: video of North Berkeley BART, shot by Bill Russell (thanks, Bill!)

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