Friday, July 12, 2019

Upcoming shows!

I'm hitting Oakland a couple of times next week!

Mon., 7/14/19
Pro Arts
150 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Oakland 94612
Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Presents
Shiva Xtet
Broken Whole (with special guest Thomas Dimuzio)

Thu., 7/18/19
The Golden Bull
412 14th St.
Oakland 94612
Eye O
Surplus 1980
The Lake Millions

These are both going to be great!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Broken Whole-KZSU, Stanford CA; 7/10/19

When I pulled into Stanford yesterday evening, I feared the worst as regards traffic. There were a few events happening on the campus, and it seemed as though finding a parking spot would be a total nightmare. Happy to say that I just decided to let things happen, to not stress on outcomes. This decision served me well as I was able to just relax and find what turned out to be a pretty good spot, close by to KZSU.
Not stressing on outcomes also seemed to serve well for the music that Broken Whole played, at least from my chair. Mika Pontecorvo put together a score that definitely leaned towards a less is more approach, and I felt as though I was able to, for the most part, stick with those vibes, in large part by just letting things happen, and playing only when it seemed the right time to do so. Silence was often observed. Along with our guest, cellist Colleen Kelly T, Tim Orr, Mika, and I started pretty mellow and stayed that way, floating from passage to passage. Quite abstract. It felt to me at times like some futuristic Gagaku orchestra, slowly unwinding our sounds. As always, I felt very strong simpatico with Tim. It's such a pleasure to share drum dialogue with Mr. Orr.
Two pieces in total, one longer, one shorter. A fine time in Studio A of KZSU, and many thanks to their groovy staff!

Below: Colleen and Mika setting up; my trash drum kit for Broken Whole gigs

Above: video!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Broken Whole this Wednesday on KZSU!

Mika Pontecorvo, Timothy Orr, and me will assemble as Broken Whole this Wednesday, 7/10, for an appearance on KZSU Stanford!

KZSU Wednesday Night Live
9 PM Pacific Time

Tune if from the comfort of your computer or device, wherever you may be!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Early summer shows.....

I'm totally beat after last night's show and subsequent sleep deprived work day, so this will likely be short.....

Allen/Cohen/Pino Trio-Luggage Store Gallery, SF; 6/27/19
As usual, I was damned chuffed to get a chance to play with Josh Allen. I'm always learning from Josh's no b.s. approach to playing and presentation. Adding learned guitarist Alex Cohen to the mix just increased my stoke-age! After a killer set from Philip Everett and his Skullcrusher project, the three of us stepped on and proceeded to improvise. It was nice to be playing my "dream kit"; this kit that I used has the dimensions of drums and cymbals that I've always desired. It was definitely a high energy time, with good intensity and interaction. I never felt lost or insecure during our roughly forty minutes duration, probably a good sign of confidence. It was also really great to see some friends, along with a some foot traffic attendees. The room may have been a bit echo-ey from our playing, but feedback was generally positive. One guy walked up and said that we sounded like "Dizzy Gillespie crossed with Slayer"! Not bad!

Below: my lovely kit; Allen/Cohen/Pino Trio backlit (photo by and courtesy of Jessica (rhytmicallyperfect @ Instagram, thanks, Jessica!)

Crow Crash Radio-Make Out Room, SF; 7/1/19
July started off cool with Crow Crash Radio in the chilly evening air of the Mission. As usual, I had conversations about how great it is that the Make Out Room survives in the face of so much change in the Mission. Crow Crash played third, after great sounds from zen Dave Mihaly and the Bill Orcutt Bruce Ackley Duo. We had scripted out a pretty much continuously flowing set, with tuning breaks to be covered by Andrew and I doing drums/theremin duets. Things got pretty loopy pretty quickly, which was fine. It seemed as though everything flowed really well, with lots of dynamics and paces hit. Probably the most psychedelic that Crow Crash Radio has been all year. We were able to let things all hang out. Playing Mihaly's very weathered and lovely old kit, I had one of those "close my eyes and just play" kind of nights. The sort of experiences that keep one coming back to the odd pursuit of playing music in the Underground.

Below: drums with "weathered magic"

Above: video shot by Elisa Brasil, thanks, Elisa!
.....and sweet. Interesting gigs with Mika Pontecorvo coming up in a week or so.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Crow Crash Radio this Monday in SF!

Crow Crash Radio will return to San Francisco Monday, July 1st!

Monday Make-Out
Make Out Room
3225 22nd St.
SF 94118
Dave Mihaly/Dusty Feathers Duo
Bruce Ackley/Bill Orcutt Duo
Crow Crash Radio

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Allen/Cohen/Pino Trio this Thursday in SF!

Really excited to play with Josh Allen and Alex Cohen this Thursday in San Francisco!

Thu., 6/27
Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market St.
San Francisco 94103
Allen/Cohen/Pino Trio
8 PM
$8-15 sliding scale

Hope to see some heads there!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Hayes Valley Satanic Tambourine Jazz Trio Delight-Cafe Mercury, SF CA; 6/21/19

Quite a funny name, right? Especially since Ben, the only person in this group that isn't a huge Metal fan, coined it. The music is about as far from Metal as one could get, too. Straight ahead Jazz, in fact.
It was interesting walking around Hayes Valley before we played. That place is SO different from the way that I remember it. I only ever drive through these days, and not that often. To get a ground level view of what's going on in the
Did I mention Jazz? Hayes Valley Satanic Tambourine Jazz Trio Delight did indeed work with it, playing some tunes by Charlie Parker, Bobby Timmons, and Lee Morgan. We also played originals by pianist Ben Paul. It was really cool to share the sounds with Eli Pontecorvo on bass. We do a LOT of improvising together. Fun to try to pry those vibes into a more traditional matrix. I still feel like Jazz is a valid form, especially when Standards are being done, and it was really nice to have a go at a few of them. Kind of made me think about my attempts, many years ago, to do so. Those attempts were not that fruitful; it's really neat to have a try at them all of these years later. Thoughts of Herbie Lewis, Richie Goldberg, and a few of the people that I met at New College.
It seemed as though we played pretty well on a technical level too, not too loud, but definitely keeping things swinging. What a nice evening.

Below: my sweet little Jazz kit; Eli and Ben listen to a woman describing her Wobbly mother