Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Upcoming shows!

Lots of activity coming up!

Fri., 8/17
Crow Crash Radio
111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna St.
SF 94105
5:30 PM

Sat., 8/18
Moe Staiano Ensemble Plays Death of a Piano
First Church of the Buzzard
2601 Adeline St.
Oakland 94607
8:00 PM
Hogwind and Solo Organ also on the bill
Sun. 8/19
Pikuva Sielu
SIMM Series
Musicians Union Hall Local #6
116 9th St.
SF 94103
7:30 PM
$10-15 sliding scale
Bill Noertker's Moxie also on the bill

A fun weekend forecast! 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Crow Crash Radio-House party, Oakland CA; 8/12/18

Crow Crash Radio has produced an LP! We decided to have a release party at guitarist Brian Strang's house. Brian got three really great poets, Garrett Caples, Sunnylyn Thibodeaux, and Rod Roland to recite poetry. Brian Lucas brought his great Old Million Eye tenor guitar loops. Crow Crash Radio played. Our almost 40 minute set felt pretty frantic and driving. Energized! We played a couple of pieces that are on the LP, along with a few improvised moves. As usual, lots of ranging around by everyone, exploring the spaces and pulling each other into new ones. Folks danced, which was killer! A really fun set, a fun party, just a fine afternoon in Oakland.
The LP can be ordered here:

It is also up at Spotify, Amazon, and other digital platforms!

Below: poets reading, Old Million Eye jamming

Above: Crow Crash Radio jamming it up!
Below: feeling it on the drums!
Below: a recording of the set, slightly edited by Brian:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

New track from Infinite Plastic Internal up at Bandcamp!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New Brandon Evans/Mark Pino duo music up at Bandcamp!

Brandon on tenor saxophone, me on traps.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New Aural Monsoon digital release up at Bandcamp!

Recorded last summer at a house concert in San Francisco.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Ear Spray-Brutal SFX #83, the Lab, San Francsico CA; 8/4/18

After a lovely day that included some time spent watching the waves hit Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica, I hit the Lab in time to help Ann O'Rourke set up her video rig the evening's Ear Spray performance. She really wanted to take advantage of the Lab's large walls and ceiling space, so we got pretty meticulous about it. Ann may not be doing projection for much longer, so it felt fitting to put in the extra work to help her get things set to her satisfaction. Thankfully, we got things set just right.
After a bit of a wait, Ear Spray hit second on the bill. Carlos brought a small synth, Ann sang, and I brought my waterphone and a djembe. Very minimal set up from all of us, by design. We try to squeeze the music from as little gear as possible these days. The piece that we worked up in rehearsal had me playing simple three note ostinato on the drum, alongside electronics improvisation from Carlos and Ann's vocals. Things started well, really almost mellow, as we built the vibe. At a certain point, I was to switch to waterphone; Ann gave me a volume pedal to use for it, in conjunction with a contact mic that I'd taped to its side. Somehow, the volume from the pedal was turned down in the mixer, so it was really quiet. Shades of a nightmare show at Adobe Books last year! Nooooo!!!!! I soldiered on and played the waterphone despite the frustration that I felt. Our Tascam recording shows that it was in fact audible, so I'm glad to have done so. Still, a bit unnerving for sure. Carlos was deep into his cool sound making process by this time of the set, though, so there were sounds being presented. Ann was very restrained on vocals, mostly focusing on using her Mac on the generative film that she does. Eventually I switched back to djembe to finish the piece. As mentioned, the recording has been listened to, and to me it has an almost New Age Ambient feel. Very spacious and subdued. Not exactly Brutal Sound. Some of the other acts on the bill had similar feels, though, so I guess we fit in somewhat.
Despite the glitch with the waterphone, it was an enjoyable night. Grux and Co. always do a hell of a good job with art, food, sound, everything. Happy to have been there!

Below: Ann and Carlos setting up; my Minimal rig
Above: a great mural in one of the hallways of the Lab; Godwaffle art smash!
Below: video!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ear Spray plays this Saturday in SF!

Ear Spray returns to the Lab this Saturday!
Brutal Sound Effects #83
Sat., 8/4/18
The Lab
2948 16th St.
SF 94103
$10-20 sliding scale

Many cool Noise and Dada acts on this bill!