Monday, May 30, 2016

ebolabuddha on KFJC tomorrow night!

In an effort to promote Mika Pontecorvo's Next Now All Tomorrow's After Parties, which happens next weekend, ebolabuddha will perform live at KFJC's Pit tomorrow evening, 5/31.
We are set to play at about 8PM!
Listen here:

ebolabuddha will feature new members! Looking forward to KFJC-style Metal MAYHEM!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Live Ear Spray footage!

From our 5/19 show at the Stork Club in Oakland!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ear Spray-Stork Club, Oakland CA; 5/19/16

It was tough to drag myself over to Oakland from El Cerrito after a busy week. Still, glad that I did, on account of how cool I feel that Ear Spray sounded last night.
Carlos utilized samples on a recently acquired Korg, on top of which we layered live electronics, vocals, and percussion. The live electronics sounded really fuzzy and sharp, Ann's vocals were funnily sarcastic, and I had fun playing mostly minimal percussion on a tiny drum set with pans substituting for cymbals.
The main themes of the samples were "Dead Man's Music" and a quote from William Blake, one of my favorite philosophers (poor, conflicted guy!)
I can't say that I saw too much of Ann's video projection, but I know that she works really hard on that side of her craft, so I'm sure it was fine.
A few people listened, a few people clapped, and Ear Spray had a nice time. We also really enjoyed watching and listening to Achomacist, Girls In Love, and A-1 Mr. Son. It was all worth staying up late for.

Below: Ann sets up, small kit

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Surplus 1980 live footage!

Recorded to Go Pro at the Starry Plough, Berkeley CA on 4/23/16.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

v'Maa-Studio Grand, Oakland CA; 5/16/16

As I've said recently, playing at Studio Grand certainly is fun. Oakland Freedom Jazz Society continues to have cool bookings, laid back vibes, and just an overall positive approach.
v'Maa, essentially Cartoon Justice, but with a specific Sci-Fi central concept (something involving inter-dimensional spiders, ask Mika), convened late in the evening and laid down our semi-scripted, semi-conducted piece. Although our set was perhaps a bit short, that probably worked to our advantage, as we played last on a three band bill. Fernando seemed grateful that we stopped before midnight.
It seemed as though we were able to conjure up a nicely trance vibe for at least some of this set. I felt OK with it; I was able to stick to the scripted form, and happily played to the big sound of Studio Grand's inherent space. Especially fun for me was our "Otherworld" passage, pretty much directly inspired by Rent Romus's epic piece of the same name. Both Mika and I played the debut performances of it, and have been duly inspired by it since that time. One passage felt kind of lackluster to me, however. Hopefully I'll be able to play it a bit better when we record it tomorrow evening!
Adriane brought her usual cello wildness. I wish that she'd be around more to jam with her dad and brother.
At the end of the night, one friend said something like "I wasn't expecting Psychedelic 1968 Trance Music", somewhat waggishly, I guess. I replied that that was pretty much v'Maa's goal!
A fun, if somewhat inconsistent set, I'd say.
Thanks to Jordan Glenn for providing his really nice drum set as a back line, and to the musicians in Guinea Pig and and EWE + (steu)big for their inspiring sounds!

Below: drums and set list
Above: v'Maa, post freak. Photo by Fernando Carpenter. Thanks, Fernando!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Two shows next week!

Next week I'll be very busy! Two shows and two recording sessions.


First up, v'Maa/Cartoon Justice will play on Monday 5/16 at Studio Grand, with EWE +(steu)big and Guinea Pig

Monday, 5/16
Studio Grand
9 PM
3234 Grand Ave.
Oakland CA 94610

Next, Ear Spray will play at the Stork Club on Thursday 5/19 with Girls In Love, Achromaticist, and A-1 Mr. Son.

Thursday, 5/19
Stork Club
9 PM
2330 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland CA 94612

Both shows will be under $10, and feature living music.

As for recording, v'Maa will record on Wednesday and Cosmists will record on Saturday. I hope to have some kind of physical document available from both of those sessions within a year or so.