Friday, May 20, 2016

Ear Spray-Stork Club, Oakland CA; 5/19/16

It was tough to drag myself over to Oakland from El Cerrito after a busy week. Still, glad that I did, on account of how cool I feel that Ear Spray sounded last night.
Carlos utilized samples on a recently acquired Korg, on top of which we layered live electronics, vocals, and percussion. The live electronics sounded really fuzzy and sharp, Ann's vocals were funnily sarcastic, and I had fun playing mostly minimal percussion on a tiny drum set with pans substituting for cymbals.
The main themes of the samples were "Dead Man's Music" and a quote from William Blake, one of my favorite philosophers (poor, conflicted guy!)
I can't say that I saw too much of Ann's video projection, but I know that she works really hard on that side of her craft, so I'm sure it was fine.
A few people listened, a few people clapped, and Ear Spray had a nice time. We also really enjoyed watching and listening to Achomacist, Girls In Love, and A-1 Mr. Son. It was all worth staying up late for.

Below: Ann sets up, small kit

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