Thursday, May 31, 2012

Missing Link, 1980's

David Hooser-Bass
Josh Sullivan-Guitar
Mark Pino-Drums

Photo taken at Josh's parents' house, Dale City, VA.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Recent Soundcloud Recordings

A few recordings, up on Soundcloud. First, Easy Nest by DBM. This is a trio comprised of Dean Santomieri on electric guitar, Brian Lucas on bass, and myself on drums.

   Easy Nest - DBM by earinsound

Next up, a new short recording by Infinite Plastic Internal, Ghost Chairs and Crows.

   Infinite Plastic Internal-Ghost Chairs and Crows by Mark Pino on drums

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cosmists-Cosmists Dance Record

Andrew Joron and I finally found time to get together as Cosmists. And, as usual, we've thrown the whole thing up on the web, raw and real.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Improvisation Contacted

Last night's performance of Light Envelopes seemed like a success to me. I don't have too many parameters with which to judge a dance performance, but, that said, Brian Lucas and I agreed that we stuck to the rules lain out by choreographer Susan Cersosimo: 1/4 Silence, 1/4 playing with others, 1/4 playing lead, 1/4 witnessing. Improvisation can take many aspects.
It was really cool to watch performances by Stuart Phillips/Brianna Johnson, Owen Walker (amazing), and Rosemary Hannon. Definitely a fun, edifying night.

Above: Susan smiling
Below: Sasha Girshon, amazing dancer, in repose
Above: Poet Alan Ramon Clinton ponders his next word prank
Below: Paired-down Cloud Kit, floating

Above: Brian prepares his rig
Below: View of S.F. from the roof of Shotwell Studios

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Contacting Improvisation

About once every decade, I decide that working with a dance troupe might be a good idea. In the 1990's, I helped a San Jose-based troupe with a production. In the 2000's, I did a few performances with Decoy Gallerina (documented with Youtube clips on this blog). For the 2010's, I will be playing along side Brian Lucas, making a soundtrack for a Contact Improvisation piece. Dancers Susan Cersosimo and Sasha Girshon, along with poet Alan Ramon Clinton will be featured in the piece. I have been watching a lot of Contact Improvisation videos online. It's a pretty fascinating activity, often reminding me of Expressionist sculpture and martial arts such as Capoeira. Susan has laid down some pretty specific guidelines for our parameters during the event. Should be challenging!

Shotwell Studios
Fri., 5/11/12
3252 A Shotwell St., SF
$10-15 sliding scale.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Clouds over Portland

As mentioned in my previous post, Cloud Shepherd was in Portland, OR, last weekend to play a few shows.
We had a great time, and were stoked to play in such a great city.
Saturday, 4/28's show was at the home of Phil and Mystes' house in the Mt. Tabor area of Portland. Not so much a show, or even really a party, really. More of a salon. That said, Cloud Shepherd were collectively humbled and happy to play with such great acts as Eureka, Inez Lightfoot, and Sagas. All three played great trance/electronic/acoustic hybrid musics, and all did so really well.
Cloud Shepherd played one long-ish track. Melissa told me she felt that we had "a lot more epiphanies" in the set than usual. I felt like we were eager to release a lot of pent-up energy from the two day drive up to Portland. Andrew started the set with a recitation of a poem by Philip Lamantia, and then, WHOOSH!!!! we were off.
Above: Clouds over Tabor

Sunday,, 4/29's gig occurred at the Waypost Cafe and Tavern, on N. Williams Ave. This one featured a poetry reading set by the other three men of Cloud Shepherd, followed by a short break and a long musical number. Put on by David Abel and the Curve Tangent Poetry Series, it was a fun, well attended gathering.
We were all a bit tired, so the music was characterized by a bit mellower spirit. I felt like the energy was much more collectively focused than the previous night's freaked-out blasting.
Above: Cloud Shepherd at the Waypost
Below: Mark preps the Cloud Kit
Above: Cloud Shepherd chills out the Waypost
Below: Manic Mark

All in all, a fun trek! Thanks to all who attended, those who facilitated, and especially to my fellow Shepherds and to Melissa for taking the photos!

Above: an oddly aligned group shot!