Saturday, May 12, 2012

Improvisation Contacted

Last night's performance of Light Envelopes seemed like a success to me. I don't have too many parameters with which to judge a dance performance, but, that said, Brian Lucas and I agreed that we stuck to the rules lain out by choreographer Susan Cersosimo: 1/4 Silence, 1/4 playing with others, 1/4 playing lead, 1/4 witnessing. Improvisation can take many aspects.
It was really cool to watch performances by Stuart Phillips/Brianna Johnson, Owen Walker (amazing), and Rosemary Hannon. Definitely a fun, edifying night.

Above: Susan smiling
Below: Sasha Girshon, amazing dancer, in repose
Above: Poet Alan Ramon Clinton ponders his next word prank
Below: Paired-down Cloud Kit, floating

Above: Brian prepares his rig
Below: View of S.F. from the roof of Shotwell Studios

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