Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cloud Shepherd with India Cooke, 3/24/12 Swarm Gallery, Oakland CA

Cloud Shepherd had the pleasure of playing a gig with India Cooke aka Li'l Nimbus at the Swarm Gallery at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.
We played three pieces. The first one featured Shepherd and Nimbus. I have to admit that I was in a rockin', take no prisoners kind of mood. I feel that I played really hard and hyper, and was definitely a bit noisy. Clouds can be dark and foreboding, too!
Above: making a racket with the Wind Gong!

Above: India rocks on the electric M'bira, Mark scrapes the gong.

Sometimes it's OK in art to not be too pretty or mannered, to let it all hang out. That was my mood at the Swarm show. I hope that those in attendance were not too put off by my antics on the first piece.

For the  second and third pieces, two of the members of Solace Trio, who were also on the bill, joined us. One piece felt a bit hesitant, the other just rocked out, and had India very happily singing encouragement, along with other audience members. It was a fun jam!

 Above: Cloud-Nimbus-Solace jam!

All told, it was a fun, surreal night for me. Thanks to everyone who braved the rain to show up, and thanks to Melissa for taking photos! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

rRope/Lithium Milkshake/Vienna Noise Choir poster

I found this cool flyer today, figured I'd put it up. This show was in April of 1993, at the Brave New World club in S.F. BNW was a cavernous, dive-ey bar on Fulton St. in S.F. It has gone through several iterations since that time, most notably as a Punk Rock bar owned by one of the guys in NOFX. The last time I went past, it was a stylish place that featured live Soul and Urban music.
Thanks to rRope for posting this flyer.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lomax Helper

Dedicated to Alan Lomax and all those that he recorded.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cloud Shepherd at the Library! Shhhh...Music Series, 3/3/12, Alameda CA

I felt like it was an off night for me, but, hey, it was fun, regardless! Dos and Ninah did a swell job, along with all of the  visual artists and Thomas Dimuzio.
Above: Your spectral blog host!
Below: Cloud Shepherd seeking....
Thanks to Melissa for taking these great photos!

Cloud Shepherd  ssshhhh ep1 2012 from das ubuibi on Vimeo.
Above: Video, courtesy of Das Ubuibi

More video, courtesy of Das!