Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mark Pino

Mark Pino by ffeng20
Mark Pino, a photo by ffeng20 on Flickr.

Another shot of me, playing in Missing Link, 1989, Woodbridge, VA. I can recall wearing a Grateful Dead "Blues for Allah" tie dye to complete my really bad fashion look. Wish I still had that kit. I sold it to the bass player of the band, who quickly cleaned it, bought new heads, and turned it around for a profit. An early lesson in competitive capitalism. I ain't mad.

Mark Again!

Mark Again! by ffeng20
Mark Again!, a photo by ffeng20 on Flickr.

Me, playing drums in a Hardcore band, Missing Link, in 1989. Woodbridge, VA. That was my first drum kit (thanks, Dad). Note bad fashion sense.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ovipositor-Everyone Has Their Tipping Point

My exit from Ovipositor was not gracious. It essentially entailed a couple of emails, in which the phrase that this recording gets its title from was uttered, by me.
These recordings were forced and underdeveloped, at least in my opinion. Still, part of me is happy that they're out in public. Ah......enjoy?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Failure Cock, digital recording, 7/10/11. "Stategy Pills".......

Today Failure Cock did some recording at the Turk St., S.F.  studio of Scarp's other band, the Rollovs. They have good mics and Protools there, so we convened early and got a little bit of work in. The session was dubbed "the Strategy Pills Session". It may be that the release from which these and a future recording is comprised will have that moniker as well.
On this session, Failure Cock was made up of:
Brian Lucas-Bass guitar
Scarp Home-Horns, loops, radio, etc.
Mark Pino-Drums, vocals
Above: Brian Lucas shredding out some prog riffs!
Below: Scarp, having closed Tommy's Joint the previous evening, manages to stay chipper in spite of the noise!
Chris Lawson, Rollovs drummer, was kind enough to let me use his wonderful Yamaha kit and Zildjian cymbals.
Above: Chris helped us with Protools.

Why, yes, I DO hella enjoy playing the drums! How did you guess?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Silencer Assembly, demo recording 7/2/11

After I quit Ovipositor, bass player Max Sidman and I had a long talk about what we would like to play, going forward. Max told me of his desire to play slower, heavier music. He jammed with a few folks, but found it tough to get the kind of commitment he needed from them.
After Barney Cauldron's demise, I asked Max how his quest for a new band was going. He told me about his troubles, and I suggested that we get together and jam a bit. We named our new group Silencer Assembly.
After spending seven months writing eight tunes and rehearsing them with religious conviction, waiting for Max's Verellen Meat Smoke amp to arrive, and coordinating with each others' schedules, today we were finally able to record demos.

With the help of our good pal and cohort Scarp Home, we cobbled together enough mics, stands, and cables to capture versions of all of our tunes onto Ableton.
The session took about six hours total, and hopefully we'll be happy with the results.
Major thanks to Scarp for helping us so much!