Saturday, July 2, 2011

Silencer Assembly, demo recording 7/2/11

After I quit Ovipositor, bass player Max Sidman and I had a long talk about what we would like to play, going forward. Max told me of his desire to play slower, heavier music. He jammed with a few folks, but found it tough to get the kind of commitment he needed from them.
After Barney Cauldron's demise, I asked Max how his quest for a new band was going. He told me about his troubles, and I suggested that we get together and jam a bit. We named our new group Silencer Assembly.
After spending seven months writing eight tunes and rehearsing them with religious conviction, waiting for Max's Verellen Meat Smoke amp to arrive, and coordinating with each others' schedules, today we were finally able to record demos.

With the help of our good pal and cohort Scarp Home, we cobbled together enough mics, stands, and cables to capture versions of all of our tunes onto Ableton.
The session took about six hours total, and hopefully we'll be happy with the results.
Major thanks to Scarp for helping us so much!

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