Friday, March 16, 2018

Playing in duo with Brandon Evans this Monday!

Very excited to say that Brandon Evans will join me in a duo this Monday, 3/19 at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento!
Mon., 3/19/18
Nebraska Mondays
Luna's Cafe
1414 16th St.
Sacramento CA 95814
7:30 PM
Brandon Evans/Mark Pino


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Failure Cock-Noisebridge Hacker Space, San Francisco CA; 3/10/18

It had been way too long since Failure Cock played live before today. Lack of opportunities and scheduling conflicts kept Scarp, Eli, and myself away from it for quite some. I felt really glad to be remedying that as I headed over to the Mission in somewhat gloomy weather on BART, my entire rig, consisting of a Styl-O-Phone and delay pedal in a backpack. What an easy commute.
As is usually the case with Godwaffle Noise Pancakes shows, the set up was somewhat frantic and jittery, with the PA arriving a few minutes before show time. All systems go after a bit of trouble shooting, thankfully.
Failure Cock played second on the bill, with instrumentation of bass guitar from Eli, shop vacuum cleaner from Scrap, and my stated rig. Eli brought really nice low end sounds to start, which paired with the scrawl from the Style-O-Phone as its sounds bounced out. Scarp got really cool banshee howls out of the vacuum cleaner, utilizing a great older mic. This was a really cool thing, and I was seriously delighted with it. It sounded like a damn Black Metal vocalist, wailing the Noise. So great. Eli eventually brought his "cell phone slide on bass strings" technique out for some glassy licks. Dude's just a great fit in Failure Cock, as always brings his best game to our sets.
As for me, I found the three octaves of the Style-O-Phone to be a blast. This limited, low tech synth is quite enjoyable to play. Alone, it wouldn't have cut it, but within the context of Scarp and Eli's sounds, it seemed to work pretty well. As always, I consider Failure Cock to be a band, and, as always, within a band setting it's advisable to leave some "out", to leave room for the other players' tones.
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the cool community feel of the afternoon: a solid set of people showed up, hung out, talked, listened, ate pancakes, and just generally put forth groovy weirdo vibes. Pancake breakfasts aren't only for Masonic lodges, let's just say that.
I've heard that Noisebridge Hacker Space may be losing their lease. How I hope that that isn't the case. Hopefully there will be more Godwaffle events there, but the rumors seem to indicate that 3/10/18's one may have been the last there. Double bummer.
Big thanks to Grux and the Godwaffle Noise Pancakes crew: they are EXCELLENT.
Hopefully, there will be audio up at Failure Cock's Bandcamp page soon!

Below: simple, easily portable rig; Eli and Mark mugging with Grux art
Above: Shop vac vocalist
Below:Post Jolt Thrower set, anointed by Lob!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Failure Cock this Saturday!

Failure Cock will play at Noisebridge Hacker Space this Saturday for Godwaffle!
Sat., 3/10/18
Noisebridge Hacker Space
Godwaffle Noise Pancakes
2169 Mission St.
SF CA 94110
Failure Cock
Scott Arford/Micheal Gendreau
Jolt Thrower
Kevin Lo
Medicine Cabinet
Blood of Chhinnamastika

We're looking forward to it. It may be the last Godwaffle at Noise Bridge, though.