Saturday, August 29, 2015

Upcoming shows!

Lots of cool stuff to preview this week!

First up, Earspray will be playing in Oakland on Wednesday, 9/2. We will play at Studio Grand as part of the Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Series.
Studio Grand is located at:
3224 Grand Ave.
Oakland, 94610

This show starts 9:30, and Earspray will play first, followed by Splendor Generator w/ film by Bill Thibault.

Next up, I am excited to say that I will be playing drums for Surplus 1980 on their September 2015 West Coast Tour with the UK's Nightingales. Their regular drummer, Tom Scandura, cannot make these dates, and Moe! Staiano and his crew accepted me after I auditioned. I'm stoked, and have been working really hard on getting Moe!'s drum parts down. This is going to be really rewarding.

9/4-Amnesia, SF
853 Valencia St.
SF CA 94110
9 PM 

9/6-The Echo, Los Angeles
1822 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90026

9/7-Black Cat Bar, San Diego
4246 University Ave.
San Diego CA 92105
9 PM

9/9-Starlite Lounge, Sacramento
1517 21st. St.
Sacramento CA 95811
8:30 PM
(with Gentleman Surfer)

9/10-Old Nick's Pub, Eugene
211 Washington St.
Eugene OR 97401
8:30 PM

9/11-LoFi Performance Gallery, Seattle
429 Eastlake Ave.
Seattle WA 98109
9 PM

9/12-Panic Room, Portland
311 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland OR 97232
9 PM

Below: cool poster for Panic Room show!
I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks' musical events! Tell a friend!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Earspray, 8/16/15; Noisebridge Hackerspace, SF CA

As always it was great fun to participate in Grux's Godwaffle Noise Pancakes series. Doubly fun today on account of the beautiful warm weather that has descended upon the SF Bay Area. When the weather is good, the Mission is particularly lovely, especially earlier in the day.
Earspray had scheduled a rehearsal for this show, but were not able to convene to do so. Thankfully, the energy was with us, and I felt like we played a fine, noisy set. Carlos was especially happy with his circuit bent keyboard, Ann's vocals were deliciously scary, and I had a good time using metal shelving units, chains, waterphone (scraped with long screws and hit with mallets).
Godwaffle always has at least a few folks in attendance, and I was very grateful for that. Grux and crew do one hell of a job.
Long live Godwaffle!

Below: sign and set up

Above: my gear
Below: live clip!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Earspray plays this Sunday!

Earspray is excited to be returning to Godwaffle! We will play this Sunday at Noisebridge Hackerspace:

2169 Mission St.
SF 94110

The show starts at 12PM sharp! Also on the bill will be Syrynx, National Disgrace, Aaron Oppenheim, John Kraubauer, and Mason Jones!

Looking forward to the show and tasty pancakes in the Mission!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New track from the Pure Finder!

Andrew and I got together a few weeks ago to begin the next phase of the Pure Finder. Here are some results!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bridge of Crows-Community Music Center, San Francisco CA; 8/1/15

What a pleasurable show! I was so happy and excited to be playing on the last night of the Outsound New Music 2015 Summit with Bridge of Crows.
As mentioned in the preview, we played a live soundtrack to Mika Pontecorvo's short film, The Bedouin Poet of Mars, along with another one called Noir Kaotique. Pictured above is Bob Marsh, with his newly designed Chairllo, a combination of a chair and cello strings. Bob supplied the voice of the poet as well.
It felt to me as if the group played really well together: we put a lot of hard work into our rehearsals for this show. I had a few small clams while playing the elaborately charted first piece, but managed to get right pretty quickly, which felt nice. Also nice was the instrumental variation of it; I played everything from frame drum to shakers to waterphone to full kit blasts.
All told, a fun and rewarding experience, one in which it seemed as though all of the members of Bridge of Crows brought their best efforts to the fore.
Many thanks to Rent, Ray, and Karen of Outsound for their wonderful stage support. One could not ask for a better crew!
Above: Kersti, Mika, and I (photo courtesy of Jeff Klukowski, thanks, Jeff!)

Below: the set up

Below: video, courtesy of Ann O'Rourke. Thanks, Ann!