Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello, and here is my Mission Statement!

Hi!  My name is Mark Pino, and I play the drums.  I've done so in public for the past twenty years.  Haven't heard of me, you say?  That's o.k., as my "career", such as it is, has consisted of playing music in rinky-dink (in Official Music Industry Terms) spaces to audience numbers ranging from zero (hello, Missoula!) to about one hundred (the Paradise Lounge Presents....).
In light of these underwhelming numbers (again, in Official Music Industry Terms), one might ask "why bother blogging about it all?"  It's a fair question, and one that I have been inclined to side with in the past.  That said, I've come to abhor the idea that the  scads of documentary evidence of my musical work will simply rot away within a box in my garage.  I intend to store as much of this evidence, quite obsessively documented and hoarded (and there is a back to story to that action, which will be addressed at some point), here in this blog.  Who knows, maybe at some point in the future someone will find this cache on the web and dig some of the represented work.
I will also try to write impressions of some of the people, locations, and scenarios that I've come into contact with by way of my musical activities.  It's my hope that a spirit of honesty and integrity will prevail, as there is nothing to lose.