Monday, August 29, 2016

New Failure Cock track up at Bandcamp!

Many thanks to the guy that gave this recording its name. He's a drummer, too.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Failure Cock-Backyard Coffee, Redwood City CA; 8/27/16

I didn't do a preview for this show, mostly because it was so last minute.
Eli asked Scarp and I if Failure Cock would play the late slow for a benefit of some sort. Naturally we agreed, and headed down to Redwood City from points north.
I had originally planned to play the drum set along with Scarp and Eli's looped guitar and bass sounds, but when I saw the back line that had been pretty clear beat up all day, my enthusiasm for that swiftly left. I decided instead to focus on playing simple beats, along with everyone else in the band, on a large stand up bass drum that I'd asked Scarp to bring. Additionally, I set up a bunch of folding metal chairs in front of the stage, and grabbed several mallets from my car: we would play the metal chairs!
Our set started with loops, and then bass drum beats, after which Eli and I switched to chairs. The sound felt very Plains Indian, I guess, very quarter note pulsed and possibly a bit early Industrial. A few stragglers that remained danced around, and that made things fun for me. We blasted through a quick fifteen minute noisy jam of a set, and then stopped.
A fun last minute gig. As Scarp said, "...I love Redwood City!"

Below: Chairs, Eli starting the jam, and Scarp setting up

Above: the communal bass drum

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Brandon Evans/Christina Stanley/Mark Pino-Elliptical Axis 47 Live In San Francisco

Many thanks to Brandon for posting this recording! I was really very stoked to play with him and Christina at Outsound Summit 15!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Failure Cock track at Bandcamp

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Instagon #711-The Makeout Room, SF CA; 8/1/16

Tough gig for me! I had hoped to be able to redeem my last Monday Makeout gig with Instagon, which was also rough; in the interim, I've played Instagon sets that have felt really good and groovy, but damn if last night's set got away from me. I don't know if it's the sound of the Makeout Room or what, but it seems impossible for me to have a good set there. Frustrating, especially in light of the musicians that played with Lob last night: Karl Evangelista, Thomas Dimuzio, and Mason Jones. These are all great players, and I felt like I blew it on stage with them.

Below: Lob tests new pedals out

Anyway, thanks to Lob for asking me to participate with Instagon. I always learn something, tough or easy. Also thanks to Anthony of Tri-Cornered Tent Show for letting me use his kit.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Brandon Evans Large Ensemble-Gold Lion Arts, Sacramento CA; 7/31/16

I was saddened to have missed an opportunity to jam with Brandon Evans on KFJC last Friday, but work concerns had me begging off of that gig. Thankfully, I was asked to drum for a large ensemble that he and Rent Romus assembled for a workshop/recording session/public event at Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento.
After a quick ride up 80, we arrived to less than brutal heat, scarfed a quick dinner, and met up with the rest of the group, made up of some really fine players, mostly from the rich Sacramento music scene: Brandon Evans-saxophones, Ross Hammond-guitar, Rent Romus-reeds, Tony Passarell-saxophones, cornet, etc. Nathan Swedlow-bass, Clifford Childers-trombone, John Vaughn - saxophones, Collette McCaslin-trumpet, soprano saxophone, and myself. 
It was really exciting and fulfilling to play in this relatively big band. We played some of Brandon's Elliptical Axis charts, a Ghost Trance Music fragment, and a free form piece. Having seen the charts last Thursday, I was stoked to get another crack at them. The small familiarity made them that much more comprehensible!  It seemed to me that we got into some good Free Jazz moves, and our collective improvisation had the feel to me of a certain intimacy that can only occur late in the day on a Sunday. At times, Clifford played some really gutbucket trombone riffs, and I responded accordingly! The Ghost Trance piece, while not lasting nearly as long as Braxton's tend to go, rolled along for a thick fifteen or so minutes, with great blasts from CJ's trumpet and Ross's guitar. I had a gas syncing with Nathan's upright bass at times: our interplay was very satisfying. Hopefully he'll be involved with another Ruminations gig or recording at some point in the future. All that said, there just just really fine playing all around. I was honored to play with such esteemed company.
It's my hope that Brandon Evans returns to the SF Bay soon, and that I get to be involved with the music that he brings along. It's been great having him here!
Below: Brandon Evans Large Ensemble players prepare to deal

Above: Gold Lion Arts nice back line Gretsch drum kit, and beautiful art. What a great space!
Below: Evans and Pino selfie and a nice shot of a tree in the Odd Fellows Lawn of the cemetery across the street from Gold Lion Arts space

Below: Brandon Evans Large Ensemble in action; photo courtesy of Charles Smith, thanks, Charles!