Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cloud Shepherd-UB Radio Salon #371; Alameda Ca, 2/22/15

As usual, I had a total blast at Das and Ninah's place in Alameda! This one seemed just a bit more special, as it was the full Cloud Shepherd contingent for the first set. Andrew could not stick around for set #2, but I felt like we did OK, even though he was missed.
Set #1 had me focusing on a repeated gong motif as a transition signal (at least for myself) and electronics, along with what I felt like was some pretty good flute playing and my maternal grandfather's harmonica. 
Set #2, I utilized many percussive goodies pulled down from Chakra Research Kitchens musical wonderland; seriously, Big City Orchestra has SO much stuff to choose from. Thankfully, Das is pretty easy going about letting guests use his gear.
It's always a blast to do UB Radio Salons, and this evening was no exception!
Thanks to the men of Cloud Shepherd, Ninah, and Das for a really fun musical experience on the net!

Below: scenes from Chakra Research Kitchens (note waterphone and my late grandfather's harmonica in bottom photo)


Cloud Shepherd tonight on ubRadio!

Cloud Shepherd will play tonight on ubRadio Salon!
We will play from 5-7 PM Pacific.
Please join us on the web!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ad-Hoc Groups Night-Luggage Store Gallery, 2/19/15; SF CA;

Man, what a blast last night! Ad-Hoc Groups Night was a really satisfying community event. As I sat and listened to great improvisations, I reflected upon conversations that I had years ago with my former brother-in-law, wishing that I could find some kind of music community to be part of, in San Francisco. All these years later, I felt as though it had finally manifested for me at the Luggage Store. Pretty nice feeling, I'd say!
It was equally fun to play, of course!
I'm not sure how long the Creative Music Series will be held at the new Luggage Store location, but I for one really like the space and I'm looking forward to more Ad-Hoc Group Night events.
Thanks to Matt Davignon for putting it together!

Below: Cloud Kit and other Ad-Hoc scenes

Below: Matt Davignon and I; photo courtesy of Jack Hertz, thanks, Jack!
Below: Eli Pontecorvo, Matt Davignon, Philip Everett, and me, photo courtesy of Jack Hertz, thanks Jack!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Very special Ad-Hoc Groups Night tomorrow evening at the Luggage Store!

I'm really excited to be part of Matt Davignon's Ad-Hoc Groups Night tomorrow evening at the Luggage Store! This event, part of the Creative Music Series, will feature many great SF Bay Area musicians:
Jorge Bachmann - electronics
Alexandra Buschman - electronics
Collette McCaslin - trumpet
Matt Davignon- electronics
Bryan Day - homemade instruments
Karl Alfonso Evangelista - guitar
Philip Everett - electronics
Joe Lasqo - keys
Joshua Marshall - sax
Mark Pino - percussion
Rent Romus - sax
Eli Wallace - keys

I feel that Joe Lasqo's promo quote sums it up pretty handily:

A well-balanced electro-acoustic improv vortex takes forward the grand tradition of chance-generated small ensembles, pioneered in New Zealand by the Vitamin S collective, and in the U.K. by figures such as Derek Bailey in his Company nights — a  format designed to be maximally impervious to advance preparation...

Sounds and players will remain cloaked until just before dropping out of warp. Anything could happen.
The Luggage Store is located at:
998 Market St. @ 6th St.
Show starts at 8PM!  

OK, I must go and practice now!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Cartoon Justice-Diamorph Entropic Architecture Unit-VAMP, Oakland CA; 2/8/15

Ever since seeing Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford play electronic pedals and pads on a Fridays broadcast, many years ago, I've had a desire to try them myself. Last night I finally had the chance to do so!
It was really cool to play the Handsonic 10 that Mika lent me for this gig, paired with some metal dog bowls and gongs.
The newly christened Cartoon Justice-Diamorph Entropic Architecture Unit was paired down to a quartet at VAMP. We played two improvised pieces, one of which featured a lot of clang and bang from my gongs and dog bowls on the floor.  The energy seemed a tad bit diffuse, and the set ran a bit short for my linking; this iteration of Cartoon Justice is still finding its way, but give us time, I'd say.
As for the Handsonic, I must say that it's quite a fun instrument to play, with its myriad sound settings! Per Mika's request, I mostly stuck to the Korea and Japan settings, with a small episode of Gamelan. Good stuff!
Many thanks and praises to Hay Fever and John McCowen, who were both inspiring and great, along with Mika, Kersti, Eli, and the VAMP staff for putting the show on.

Below: setting up at VAMP

Above: Dog bowls and drum pads

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ruminations-KZSU Day of Noise, 2/7/15; Stanford CA

I was very excited to play at KZSU for the 13th annual Day of Noise last night, even more so when I realized the Ruminations would be a septet! Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Collete McCaslin, Bob Marsh, Jakob Pek, Heikki Koskinen, and our lead Rent Romus, plus yours truly! Ruminations chamber orchestra! YES!
The Cloud Kit was altered a bit for this gig, in that I dispensed with the bongos (thankfully, Jakob used his!), and added a hi-hat made up of very small cymbals; I really liked their sound, they'll likely stay. 
Our approximately hour long set was very fulfilling, alternating between loud and quieter passages; everyone seemed to be feeling very creative, as I felt that the group interactions showed. At times it felt like really genuine Cecil Taylor-style Fire Music, heavily ritualistic and mystical.
When I grabbed my phone to stop recording after an hour, it was HOT. To the the touch! I felt as though that was a fine reflection of what had just transpired in KZSU's basement studio!
Thanks to Gabby, Collette, Bob, Jakob, Heikki, and Rent for playing!

Below: scenes from a set up

Above: Cloud Kit, morphed again!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Upcoming shows!

This weekend I will have the pleasure of performing twice!
On Saturday, I will play with Ruminations as part of the the KZSU Day of Noise. We will play at 7PM, but just tune in at any time for some creative music/Noise/????
Link here:

Following the Day of Noise, I'll be performing with Cartoon Justice at VAMP in Oakland. We'll have the pleasure of opening for Emily Hay's Hay Fever, who are up from Los Angeles. This show starts and 8PM. VAMP is located at:

331 19th St.
Oakland 94612

Both shows are essentially free! Maybe spend some time with me and my music, if you'd like to!