Monday, February 9, 2015

Cartoon Justice-Diamorph Entropic Architecture Unit-VAMP, Oakland CA; 2/8/15

Ever since seeing Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford play electronic pedals and pads on a Fridays broadcast, many years ago, I've had a desire to try them myself. Last night I finally had the chance to do so!
It was really cool to play the Handsonic 10 that Mika lent me for this gig, paired with some metal dog bowls and gongs.
The newly christened Cartoon Justice-Diamorph Entropic Architecture Unit was paired down to a quartet at VAMP. We played two improvised pieces, one of which featured a lot of clang and bang from my gongs and dog bowls on the floor.  The energy seemed a tad bit diffuse, and the set ran a bit short for my linking; this iteration of Cartoon Justice is still finding its way, but give us time, I'd say.
As for the Handsonic, I must say that it's quite a fun instrument to play, with its myriad sound settings! Per Mika's request, I mostly stuck to the Korea and Japan settings, with a small episode of Gamelan. Good stuff!
Many thanks and praises to Hay Fever and John McCowen, who were both inspiring and great, along with Mika, Kersti, Eli, and the VAMP staff for putting the show on.

Below: setting up at VAMP

Above: Dog bowls and drum pads

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