Friday, February 20, 2015

Ad-Hoc Groups Night-Luggage Store Gallery, 2/19/15; SF CA;

Man, what a blast last night! Ad-Hoc Groups Night was a really satisfying community event. As I sat and listened to great improvisations, I reflected upon conversations that I had years ago with my former brother-in-law, wishing that I could find some kind of music community to be part of, in San Francisco. All these years later, I felt as though it had finally manifested for me at the Luggage Store. Pretty nice feeling, I'd say!
It was equally fun to play, of course!
I'm not sure how long the Creative Music Series will be held at the new Luggage Store location, but I for one really like the space and I'm looking forward to more Ad-Hoc Group Night events.
Thanks to Matt Davignon for putting it together!

Below: Cloud Kit and other Ad-Hoc scenes

Below: Matt Davignon and I; photo courtesy of Jack Hertz, thanks, Jack!
Below: Eli Pontecorvo, Matt Davignon, Philip Everett, and me, photo courtesy of Jack Hertz, thanks Jack!

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