Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cloud Shepherd-UB Radio Salon #371; Alameda Ca, 2/22/15

As usual, I had a total blast at Das and Ninah's place in Alameda! This one seemed just a bit more special, as it was the full Cloud Shepherd contingent for the first set. Andrew could not stick around for set #2, but I felt like we did OK, even though he was missed.
Set #1 had me focusing on a repeated gong motif as a transition signal (at least for myself) and electronics, along with what I felt like was some pretty good flute playing and my maternal grandfather's harmonica. 
Set #2, I utilized many percussive goodies pulled down from Chakra Research Kitchens musical wonderland; seriously, Big City Orchestra has SO much stuff to choose from. Thankfully, Das is pretty easy going about letting guests use his gear.
It's always a blast to do UB Radio Salons, and this evening was no exception!
Thanks to the men of Cloud Shepherd, Ninah, and Das for a really fun musical experience on the net!

Below: scenes from Chakra Research Kitchens (note waterphone and my late grandfather's harmonica in bottom photo)


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