Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ruminations-KZSU Day of Noise, 2/7/15; Stanford CA

I was very excited to play at KZSU for the 13th annual Day of Noise last night, even more so when I realized the Ruminations would be a septet! Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Collete McCaslin, Bob Marsh, Jakob Pek, Heikki Koskinen, and our lead Rent Romus, plus yours truly! Ruminations chamber orchestra! YES!
The Cloud Kit was altered a bit for this gig, in that I dispensed with the bongos (thankfully, Jakob used his!), and added a hi-hat made up of very small cymbals; I really liked their sound, they'll likely stay. 
Our approximately hour long set was very fulfilling, alternating between loud and quieter passages; everyone seemed to be feeling very creative, as I felt that the group interactions showed. At times it felt like really genuine Cecil Taylor-style Fire Music, heavily ritualistic and mystical.
When I grabbed my phone to stop recording after an hour, it was HOT. To the the touch! I felt as though that was a fine reflection of what had just transpired in KZSU's basement studio!
Thanks to Gabby, Collette, Bob, Jakob, Heikki, and Rent for playing!

Below: scenes from a set up

Above: Cloud Kit, morphed again!

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