Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Very special Ad-Hoc Groups Night tomorrow evening at the Luggage Store!

I'm really excited to be part of Matt Davignon's Ad-Hoc Groups Night tomorrow evening at the Luggage Store! This event, part of the Creative Music Series, will feature many great SF Bay Area musicians:
Jorge Bachmann - electronics
Alexandra Buschman - electronics
Collette McCaslin - trumpet
Matt Davignon- electronics
Bryan Day - homemade instruments
Karl Alfonso Evangelista - guitar
Philip Everett - electronics
Joe Lasqo - keys
Joshua Marshall - sax
Mark Pino - percussion
Rent Romus - sax
Eli Wallace - keys

I feel that Joe Lasqo's promo quote sums it up pretty handily:

A well-balanced electro-acoustic improv vortex takes forward the grand tradition of chance-generated small ensembles, pioneered in New Zealand by the Vitamin S collective, and in the U.K. by figures such as Derek Bailey in his Company nights — a  format designed to be maximally impervious to advance preparation...

Sounds and players will remain cloaked until just before dropping out of warp. Anything could happen.
The Luggage Store is located at:
998 Market St. @ 6th St.
Show starts at 8PM!  

OK, I must go and practice now!

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