Sunday, August 16, 2015

Earspray, 8/16/15; Noisebridge Hackerspace, SF CA

As always it was great fun to participate in Grux's Godwaffle Noise Pancakes series. Doubly fun today on account of the beautiful warm weather that has descended upon the SF Bay Area. When the weather is good, the Mission is particularly lovely, especially earlier in the day.
Earspray had scheduled a rehearsal for this show, but were not able to convene to do so. Thankfully, the energy was with us, and I felt like we played a fine, noisy set. Carlos was especially happy with his circuit bent keyboard, Ann's vocals were deliciously scary, and I had a good time using metal shelving units, chains, waterphone (scraped with long screws and hit with mallets).
Godwaffle always has at least a few folks in attendance, and I was very grateful for that. Grux and crew do one hell of a job.
Long live Godwaffle!

Below: sign and set up

Above: my gear
Below: live clip!

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