Friday, May 4, 2012

Clouds over Portland

As mentioned in my previous post, Cloud Shepherd was in Portland, OR, last weekend to play a few shows.
We had a great time, and were stoked to play in such a great city.
Saturday, 4/28's show was at the home of Phil and Mystes' house in the Mt. Tabor area of Portland. Not so much a show, or even really a party, really. More of a salon. That said, Cloud Shepherd were collectively humbled and happy to play with such great acts as Eureka, Inez Lightfoot, and Sagas. All three played great trance/electronic/acoustic hybrid musics, and all did so really well.
Cloud Shepherd played one long-ish track. Melissa told me she felt that we had "a lot more epiphanies" in the set than usual. I felt like we were eager to release a lot of pent-up energy from the two day drive up to Portland. Andrew started the set with a recitation of a poem by Philip Lamantia, and then, WHOOSH!!!! we were off.
Above: Clouds over Tabor

Sunday,, 4/29's gig occurred at the Waypost Cafe and Tavern, on N. Williams Ave. This one featured a poetry reading set by the other three men of Cloud Shepherd, followed by a short break and a long musical number. Put on by David Abel and the Curve Tangent Poetry Series, it was a fun, well attended gathering.
We were all a bit tired, so the music was characterized by a bit mellower spirit. I felt like the energy was much more collectively focused than the previous night's freaked-out blasting.
Above: Cloud Shepherd at the Waypost
Below: Mark preps the Cloud Kit
Above: Cloud Shepherd chills out the Waypost
Below: Manic Mark

All in all, a fun trek! Thanks to all who attended, those who facilitated, and especially to my fellow Shepherds and to Melissa for taking the photos!

Above: an oddly aligned group shot!

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