Tuesday, May 17, 2016

v'Maa-Studio Grand, Oakland CA; 5/16/16

As I've said recently, playing at Studio Grand certainly is fun. Oakland Freedom Jazz Society continues to have cool bookings, laid back vibes, and just an overall positive approach.
v'Maa, essentially Cartoon Justice, but with a specific Sci-Fi central concept (something involving inter-dimensional spiders, ask Mika), convened late in the evening and laid down our semi-scripted, semi-conducted piece. Although our set was perhaps a bit short, that probably worked to our advantage, as we played last on a three band bill. Fernando seemed grateful that we stopped before midnight.
It seemed as though we were able to conjure up a nicely trance vibe for at least some of this set. I felt OK with it; I was able to stick to the scripted form, and happily played to the big sound of Studio Grand's inherent space. Especially fun for me was our "Otherworld" passage, pretty much directly inspired by Rent Romus's epic piece of the same name. Both Mika and I played the debut performances of it, and have been duly inspired by it since that time. One passage felt kind of lackluster to me, however. Hopefully I'll be able to play it a bit better when we record it tomorrow evening!
Adriane brought her usual cello wildness. I wish that she'd be around more to jam with her dad and brother.
At the end of the night, one friend said something like "I wasn't expecting Psychedelic 1968 Trance Music", somewhat waggishly, I guess. I replied that that was pretty much v'Maa's goal!
A fun, if somewhat inconsistent set, I'd say.
Thanks to Jordan Glenn for providing his really nice drum set as a back line, and to the musicians in Guinea Pig and and EWE + (steu)big for their inspiring sounds!

Below: drums and set list
Above: v'Maa, post freak. Photo by Fernando Carpenter. Thanks, Fernando!

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