Friday, August 26, 2011

Cloud Shepherd/Nux Vomica, Luggage Store Gallery, 8/25/11

The gentle dudes of Cloud Shepherd (minus Brian Lucas, somewhere in South East Asia), braved the wilds of 6th and Market, S.F., to bring our improvisations to the Luggage Store Gallery.
It was a really fun show. Nux Vomica was down to one member, who did really great discrete laptop jams, composed from his own files and files sent to him by absent band members.

Above: the Cloud Kit and Cloud axes, staged for flight

Cloud Shepherd played one longer piece to start. I was feeling a bit emotional, as I could see out the loft windows of the space the very spot where the last Lithium Milkshake performance happened (Making Waves Fest, 1996, corner of Market and Golden Gate). Accordingly, I played with what seemed to be a bit more fire. Joe and Andrew responded. Joe sounded particularly inspired, especially on his C-Melody sax.
After the opening piece, Nux Vomica and Cloud Shepherd did a collaborative piece, which proved to be a bit more mellow, but also fun. A good night!
Above: broken brush, a victim of the fury!

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