Friday, October 28, 2011

Ovipositor with Tom Herman, Live at the Stork Club, Oakland, CA 8/12/2005

Pere Ubu was very important to Ovipositor. Colin did a great web site with comprehensive interviews with most of the members of the band. I have been enjoying their music since the mid-1980's, when my aunt Barbara bought me a copy of 360 Degrees of Simulate Stereo. I once even naively emailed Pere Ubu, asking them if Birdsaw could open for them at Slim's. Uh, yeah, right!
Colin and his wife Jane are pretty good friends with Ubu guitarist Tom Herman, and at some point, Colin convinced Tom to play a few songs with Ovipositor in a live setting. Apparently, Tom was not the biggest fan of our music, but he graciously agreed to do so. About a year later, he played a full set with us, but by that time Ovipositor had much different dynamics, and the show was a bit lackluster.

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