Sunday, August 26, 2012

Silencer Assembly recording session, 8/25/12

Yesterday the men of Silencer Assembly convened at Sharkbite studios in Oakland with engineer Scott Evans to record demos. It's been a long process, getting to this point, but I feel that the perseverance really paid off. We tracked eight tunes in about eight hours, and things went really smooth, aside from technical difficulties that Max had with his amp head.
Most of the takes that will be used are first or second takes. There were a few quick cut and paste jobs that Scott used, but, on the whole, it's live and honest. That's the way music should be.
Above: my beloved Frankenstein kit, mic'ed and ready for pounding
Above: Ian tunes up
Below: Max tunes up

Thanks to Scott for doing such a great job at the board, and for talking me into using a Ludwig Black Beauty snare instead of my Ludwig marching snare. Good call, man.

Above: that's a wrap

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