Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cloud Shepherd; NorCal Noise Fest, 2012, Sol Collective, 10/6/12

Last night Cloud Shepherd was happy to play the annual NorCal Noise Fest at Sol Collective in a lovely neighborhood in Sacramento. While CS's noisiest bits are WAY less noisy than the most quiet bits by groups on the bill such as Liver Cancer or Bastard Noise, the NorCal Noise Fest organizers asked us to play and we are grateful to them for that.
I feel like I played a bit frantically, dare I say noisily, as I felt the need to compensate for Andrew, who was not able to play the gig due to illness. And, after all, it is the NOISE FEST! All in all, a fun time, an interesting gig, and a chance to hear and see some interesting, noisy acts.

Above: Brian's got moves
Below: Joe Noble, happily making noise
Below: Cloud Kit, post freak
Below: Cloud Shepherd, Power Trio Version 3.0

Above: Cloud Shepherd in amber. Thanks to Marc Schneider for this pic!

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