Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cosmists-Studio One Arts Center; Oakland, CA 11/2/12

Last night Cosmists had our debut public performance at Oakland's very friendly and cool Studio One Arts Center, located in Temescal District.
We opened the ceremonies with a very quiet (Andrew said he could not hear me at all!) piece, setting the stage for wonderful poets Michael Leong and Dora Malech. They are both very talented writers. Their books are available: grab them!

Above: Micheal Leong orates.
Below: Dora Malech describes her travels

After a short break, Cosmists delved into our louder side, doing a short, 11 minute set. I felt somewhat self-conscious; it's quite and abstract approach, just theremin and percussion! That said, Andrew said he was happy with it, as did a few friends. Hopefully it wont be that last time that Cosmists appear in public.

Above: Cloud Kit, prepared
Below: Andrew reads

Andrew closed the evening out, reading four of his poems, including my favorite piece of his, which describes cubic forms and linear time.
All in all, a fun night! Thanks to event MC Robert Andrew Perez and event organizer Casey McAlduff and the great staff at Studio One Arts Center!

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