Saturday, December 15, 2012

Janina Angel Bath-Art House, Berkeley; 12/14/12

This gig was sort of last minute for me, as I had been unable to attend the rehearsals, due to illness. Janina sent me an email a few days before the gig, and suggested that we convene a few hours before the gig, work up arrangements of some tunes, and go for it. I think Janina is great, so, of course, I agreed.

Above: Cloud Kit trance!

It was a fun show. The band, consisting of Brian Lucas on guitar, Michael Lowe-Grandi on guitar, along with myself on Cloud Kit, played somewhat quiet, trance music behind Janina's esoteric incantatory songs.

Above: Janina invokes, Michael concentrates
Below: Guitarists in repose

It was great fun to jam under the liquid light display, and to see old friends.
Thanks to Melissa for taking the pics, and to Janina for letting me participate!

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