Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cloud Shepherd with film by Sheila Bosco/Aaron Sheppard-Emerald Tablet, SF CA 2/23/13

The men of Cloud Shepherd had a great time playing with Aaron Sheppard last night at North Beach's Emerald Tablet.
It being the evening of the Lunar New Year Parade, Chinatown and North Beach were packed with people. SF parking regulations have become positively draconian!

Aaron's playing went from Takoma-styled picking to post-Punk solo looping. He's great: watch out for him, and take in one of his shows!

In the rehearsals running up to this show, Cloud Shepherd had conversed about getting into deeper listening as we play, and about utilizing brevity in our performances. I felt that we stuck to both of those concepts, and ended up playing about six pieces. It seemed like we were not afraid to let an improvised space "end" when it felt like the right thing to do.
I wish that I could comment on Sheila's film, other than saying that she put a TON of work into this show. As I was placed right underneath the screen, I saw none of it. But, wow, when Sheila gets into something, it's absolutely four on the floor! Thanks, Ms. Bosco!

As one can see from the middle photo, Cloud Shepherd's Waterphone made an appearance. This was no doubt inspired by the fact that 3/4 of us went to listen to Richard Waters a few nights before this performance.
Cloud Shepherd is not involved in concepts of New Music production. Cloud Shepherd is involved in making Freak Music for Cave Dwellers. Aging architects, please take note.
Thanks to Brian Strang for the live Shep pics!

Here is some video, graciously filmed and provided by Raouf Gi. Thanks, Raouf!

Here is more video, shot by Sheila Bosco. Thanks, Sheila!

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