Monday, April 15, 2013

Ear Spray will play the Luggage Store Gallery!

This Thursday evening, April 18th, I will have the pleasure of performing with Ann O'Rourke's Ear Spray. My first appearance with her and Carlos Jennings was quite fun, so I'm looking forward to getting more time to play with them.
Here's the press release:

8pm: Subnaught
9pm: Ear Spray - synthesizing electronics, acoustic percussion, and voice into dynamic and strange aural landscapes and improvisations Carlos Jennings - electronics, Ann O'Rourke and Mark Pino - electronicized cymbals and Nunnish steel plate, found objects

subnaught seeks to probe the ever-shifting boundaries between sound and music, employing the techniques of sampling, field recording, granular synthesis, and stochastic composition. music from subnaught has been released on the futuresequence and 3m33s netlabels. a small selection of physical objects is available at the artist site...

Carlos Jennings is very intrigued by sound as a way of expanding consciousness and healing. He has been interested in "weird" music for a long time and played bass and keyboards in an original rock band during the 1990s. Now he is totally obsessed by the science and art of synthesis. In Ear Spray, he will be twiddling the knobs on his little electronic boxes.

Ann O'Rourke plays with electronicized cymbals, Nunnish steel plates, and found objects. She also does strange vocals. Her first performing was in her high school church choir and regularly performs with the Corneilius Cardew Choir. She was trained in drumset (jazz and rock) but became obsessed with cymbals and metal found objects. She still jams with her brothers a few times a year playing classic rock late into the night.

Mark Pino began playing drums at the age of 13, after having been inspired by seeing his middle school band play. He has played publicly in the SF Bay Area and other parts of the country since the early 1990's. Mark has shared stages and playing situations with many talented individuals, and is grateful to all of them, most of all those who have shared their insights with him. He considers himself a band player, first and foremost. He also plays percussion with Cloud Shepherd.

Come on down, and support your local scene! 

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