Friday, September 20, 2013

Crow Crash Radio-50 Mason Social Club, SF; 9/19/13

Crow Crash Radio brought our Alien Americana vibes to 50 Mason Social Club last night.
I have to say that the neighborhood in which this joint is located seems to be shifting, just as all other 'hoods in SF. I wonder where all of the poor/down and out will go when the yuppies decide to really crank things up in the Tenderloin.Big changes are afoot there, too.
Anyway, as for the music: we stretched out as much as we could, but were constrained by having to play a short set. We got freaked, though, especially on our tune The Heart Has a Name and the Stones' Moonlight Mile.
At one point I resorted to yelling from the stage, something that got me in a lot of trouble in Ovipositor. Note to self: watch that shit!

Below: Andrew and Brian

Below: video!

Crow Crash Radio's next gig will be in Fairfax!

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