Saturday, October 19, 2013

Forest-Pine Trio-The Foundry, Berkeley; 10/19/13

This evening Sheila Bosco and myself debuted our Forest-Pine Trio at Berkeley's Foundry Arts Space for their Foundry Nights event.
We played one long forty minute set, made up of loops and percussion from Sheila, and Cloud Kit percussion from me.
I felt that my playing was very contemplative and introspective, on account of the day's date, which will always bring to mind the passing of friend and band mate Justin Martin. Oddly enough, one of my drumming heroes, Ronald Shannon Jackson, passed away today. Needless to say, that occurrence added to the emotional weight I was feeling. I just closed my eyes and let the sounds guide me as I thought about those two dearly departed individuals.
I did feel that our individual sound worlds interacted in a good way. Hopefully those in attendance concurred.
On the whole, I'd say Forest-Pine Trio's debut was a quiet, calm affair. Sheila recorded it, so perhaps in time I'll be able to present the evidence.

Below: Cloud Kit and Sheila Kit make up Forest-Pine Trio's sound

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