Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Janina Angel Bath Group-Amnesia, SF CA; 2/25/14

I must admit that I  got a kind of sinking feeling last night, walking into Amnesia and seeing a stand up comedy show happening. Visions of drunken wannabe funny guys, quickly turning heckler, swam in my head.
Happily, no such types were present as Janina and I brought a stripped-down, vocals/drone/percussion sound forth into the Mission. My focus was definitely to keep things simple on the percussion side, leaving lots of space for the vocal and keyboard sounds to ring out.
Things seemed to sound fine as we navigated our way through a currently guitar-less set. I overheard the sound guy say that the keyboards could have been louder, but, I was playing pretty quietly, so I'll put that one on him.
Janina's dad, Roger, joined us on two songs towards the end of the set: a family jam!

Above: gear
Below: Janina and Roger go over chord changes, and a goofy drummer

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