Sunday, June 1, 2014

Next Now Festival, 5/31/14; Berkeley Arts Festival Building, Berkeley CA

Next Now Festival organizer Mika Pontecorvo did one hell of a job with yesterday's proceedings, considering all of the logistics! So many musicians, so many musical instruments, so much going on.
I felt a lot like Lurch, hobbling around the Berkeley Arts Festival building with my clunky back brace on. Ah, the joy of herniated discs! Having spent the last three weeks under a sheen of pain killers, my perceptions are somewhat cloudy, so impressions of the actual gig, for me, are similar. I had fun, played with as much energy as could be mustered, and enjoyed hearing Henry Grimes live!

Below: Earspray (top photo by Collette McCaslin, thanks Collette!)
Above: Ann and Carlos set up

Above: Ruminations!
Below: Cloud Kit, Cloud Shepherd setting up

Many thanks to all of my pals that helped me move my rig around, especially Andrew Joron! 

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