Sunday, November 16, 2014

Earspray-Winters Tavern, Pacifica, CA; 11/16/14

Driving over the hill to Pacifica from SF, I was reflecting on the oddness of a Noise band playing at an established roadhouse; the fact that Earspray was to play in the early afternoon on a Sunday made the proposition even stranger, but Jack booked us for the day's Fog Music Concert, and we took the gig, so, what the hell, right?
I felt like our set definitely got to some sort of strange foggy energy going. Not too many were in attendance, but another reflection that I had was that we're doing it because we like it; at least, that's the case with me!
Thanks to Jack for booking us at Winters! Sorry that our draw was, like, two people. Hopefully they bought a few beers!

Below: Carlos and Ann set up their Earspray rigs

Below: Winters Tavern groovy old sign!

Above: my minimal amount of gear, I got some fog sounds!

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