Sunday, November 22, 2015

Crow Crash Radio-Free Oakland UP!, Oakland CA; 11/22/15

On occasion, one just feels that a show is going to be fun and good. Today's Crow Crash Radio had that feeling for me, right out of the gate. We started with a loose, improvised feel, and managed to maintain that fine looseness throughout the afternoon at Free Oakland UP!
We must have played for about two hours, total, and I had a blast for each and every minute of that time. Very Psychedelic! Alright! Compared to Crow Crash's last show in Oakland, this one was heavenly! Talking to Brian after the show, we realized that we stretched out so much that didn't even get to several of our usual tunes.
One listener remarked that our last piece, with its cowbell hits, reminded him of events during a trip to India. That made my day.
Many thanks to all friends that came, new friends that listened, and to anyone that donated to Free Oakland UP! What a nice, musical afternoon.

Below: Brian sets up, and today's drum set

Hopefully, more photos will be forthcoming.....
Update: Crow Crash Radio group shot, courtesy of Jocelyn at Free Oakland UP! Thanks, Jocelyn!


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