Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Pure Finder-VAMP, Oakland, CA; 12/11/15

I have to say that it seems as though Andrew Palmer's Catching Monkeys series got off to a good start last night. There were really fine sets from rBeny and Doug Lynner! Doug ALWAYS amazes. What a gas to share a bill with him!
As for The Pure Finder, it seems as though we're still finding our way, our sound, etc. If you read the preview for this show, you'd have seen that I hadn't even gotten our moniker exactly right. It's a process. As for the sound, we used small contact mics, placed on my drums, that then fed signals to Andrew's modular synth. Our goal was to get as spacious a sound as possible: at times, I felt as though we did that. There were moments of silence, punctuated by busier, more full passages. I suspect that we could have used a bit more, and better, tape for the mics, but I managed to get around that challenge. Our set, about 25 minutes or so, felt fine to me. It's tough to play quietly!
Many thanks to the wonderful chill people that came early for our set, along with VAMP for hosting. What a great group of people!

Below: small, friendly crowd at VAMP

Above: The Pure Finder finds its spaces (photo by Collette Lynner, thanks, Collette!)

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