Sunday, February 21, 2016

Surplus 1980-Salt Lick, Oakland CA; 2/20/16

Along with being very happy to play again with Surplus 1980, I was really jazzed on the Salt Lick space. With its cool DIY pace, funky art, and indoor quarter pipe for skating, there's just a lot to like about this spot in Oakland.
Surplus 1980 took some chances with our set this evening, trying out arrangements that were rehearsed earlier in the day! This kind of freaked me out a bit, but I think that we managed to get pretty close to nailing them. Newer songs are developing nicely.
I was stoked to have FINALLY played 99 Is Not 100 at an optimal level, along with everyone getting pretty crispy renditions of other, older tunes.
Many thanks to Josh from Salt Lick for loaning me his snare drum, a total life saver, as the one that I'd brought fell apart about one minute into our first song. Gnarly.
It was a pleasure to hear the Dark Wave of Esses and the Punk Rock of BAUS. Great show tonight, absolutely.

Below: Mel sets up, and Steven Lew

Below: shot from earlier in the day, most of Surplus 1980 trying to figure out new arrangements (photo courtesy of Bill Wolter, thanks, Bill!)

Below: Surplus 1980 live at Salt Lick

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