Sunday, April 24, 2016

Surplus 1980-Starry Plough, Berkeley CA; 4/23/16

Not a ton of pics taken by me last night. I was sick with a cold, and felt just barely there.
It took a bit of time for Surplus 1980 to get our engine going, as Steve was using a borrowed bass rig; that, and a lack of sound check. Still, I felt like we managed to get to a nice, rockin' energy after a song or two. As mentioned in the preview for this show, it had been a long time since I stood on the Starry Plough's stage. I'd forgotten how spongy it is! A real pub feel!
Highs from our set for me were a swift 99 Is Not 100 and a chunky Ed Saad. A couple of biffs here and there, but, all told, not a bad set, especially since I felt sick as a dog!

Below: double drums and Melne Murphy post set, with sweaty mist (ROCK!)

Thanks to Qualia and Oceanography for getting us on this bill. Next Surplus 1980 show in June!

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