Friday, July 8, 2016

Surplus 1980-Oakland.Secret; Oakland CA, 7/7/16

I guess that in some ways last night's show at Oakland.Secret was second fiddle to the events going on in society, even for those that played or attended. The space is right across from the 980 ramp on which several thousand people blocked the evening traffic as a reaction to societal upheaval and its attendant killing. Indeed, as I waited for the music to start, I talked with people that watched as 880 and 980 backed up, and additionally spoke with my wife, who told me about the sniper casualties in Dallas. Bleak news, all around, and I felt those vibes for sure.
Surplus 1980 played a six song set. Some renditions felt really great, and a few felt wobbly. At one point during 99 Is Not 100, it seemed as if everyone was playing a different part. I've pondered that in the hours since the show. It never gets easier to have that experience when playing linear music, but, as I've aged, I've found it easier to feel unstressed by it. Sometimes things collapse! The energy certainly was high, and, thankfully, we managed to play around the gaffs. Hopefully all other members of Surplus 1980 can have a more philosophical perspective, too. It seems as though Question After Ended Question was played almost perfect, and Ed Saad and Motivated Song About Procrastination also seemed fine. Again, the energy was high, and this, hopefully, obscured some of my sloppiness.
Playing once more with bass player Tom Ferguson was particularly fun. He OWNED it. Powerful, man!
My favorite part of the evening occurred when this woman starting yelling at Mel, telling her how kick ass she was. Instant surrealism! 
The other bands, Dantel Hood and Cash Pony, were fucking excellent. It was a real pleasure to see and hear them. Many thanks to Cash Pony drummer Gabe for letting me use his beautiful old kit and cymbals.

Below: Drums, and Tom F. up close and personal

Above: listeners, with Melne Murphy's biggest fan, seated
Below: Surplus 1980 live shot, courtesy of Feona Lee Jones, thanks Feona!

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