Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hare & Arrow/Lingua Incognita Session #2, Make-Out Room, SF CA; 11/7//16

It seems to me that I have a kind of binary relationship with the Monday Makeout sessions at Make-Out Room: I'll have a really satisfying gig there, and then a terrifying one. Thankfully, last night's session fell into the former category. Everything fell nicely into place, from getting a really choice parking spot right along 22nd St., to the set up/sound check and on into the actual playing of music. Things just went well. Such a relief.
After listening to a sweet, pastoral set from Entartete Ensemble, Hare & Arrow took the stage: Sung Kim on self-designed stringed instruments, Timothy Orr on traps, and me on traps as well. I felt as though it was thirty minutes of musical bliss as we pursued Sung's concept of making a musical tapestry, trying to get our respective instruments to speak with each other simultaneously. The drum interaction seemed tight and focused; I know that playing with Tim made me extra conscious of paying attention and really being there.  It was also a blast to play along with Sung's self-designed string instruments. It felt like a cool set to me; at times, it seemed like we were moving pure energy around.  Bonus points for getting a really nice compliment from a total stranger. That's a win, for sure.

Below: Drums and strings, Timothy Orr getting situated

Above: Dapper Kim, post set!
Below: Lingua Incognita crib notes for drummers

The second iteration of Lingua Incognita got off to a pretty good start. The group had a relaxed, kind of jungle-ey feel for a while before dipping into a more Funk mode in tribute to post-1960 Miles Davis. At times, the group may have gotten a bit muddled and off kilter, but that stands to reason with a large, relatively unrehearsed ensemble. Despite that, the feel was groovy and good; my favorite individual moment had me slamming what I felt was a pretty sharp back beat to lead the band out of a quieter passage, mid-set. Also cool was an extended, spiritual vamp upon the main riff for Coltrane's A Love Supreme; things got pretty wiggy there! All in all, a fun, albeit a few times unfocused, set. Not that that gave me any of the abject terror that I've felt, playing at Make-Out Room before.
Many thanks to all of the musicians that played, and to Karl Evangelista for continuing to book the Monday Makeout events.

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