Friday, April 28, 2017

McCaslin/Pino Duo-Luggage Store Gallery, SF CA; 4/27/17

On account of a wicked cold that's currently attacking my immune system, it was pretty tough to schlep over the bridge to SF for last night's Luggage Store Gallery show, the debut of CJ McCaslin and my duo. However, after a really inspiring set from the Shade Asked the Shadow, I most definitely felt up to playing.
It seemed as though we did indeed get our play on, too. Although the set felt a bit short to me at 27 minutes or so, we got into some pretty cool soprano sax/drum set Free Jazz call and response action, with some pretty ripped arpeggio from CJ. It felt like I was able to keep pace with her fast pacing during that action, and managed to get some looser, more Bluesy licks in during the sax's quieter moments. These sax/drums duets were accompanied by two all-percussion pieces, which, to me, had the sound of John Cage's percussion stuff. Hopefully they approximated that complexity, too. I actually, off the cuff, dedicated the first one to Mr. Cage.
It was cool to play to a supportive, albeit small-ish, audience within the intimate space of the Luggage Store Gallery. As always, thanks to Outsound for getting us on to one of their bills.

Below: CJ sets up, drums, and another "moody" 6th @ Market shot

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