Monday, August 21, 2017

Will Alexander/Mark Pino Duo-House show, San Francisco CA; 8/20/17

Los Angeles poet and musician Will Alexander's work been shaking my perceptions for several years now. I was happy to play with him on sets with Cloud Shepherd, and continue to love to read his writing. Hence, when Will contacted me to ask about my being available for a house show in San Francisco, with me on drums and he on piano, I jumped at the opportunity.
What a great house it was, too: the kind of place, filled with fascinating art and ideas that one just knows exists within a place such as SF, but may have to really seek out in order to find. What a gem.
It's my hope that the duo music that Will and I played reflected well upon this environment. We played two sets; the first was comprised of Will's piece "North And South of C", five loosely linked movements connected by brief instructions for the drums, along with a free improvisation. The second set, after a nice, conversation filled break, was a 45 minute improvisation. The playing felt good, dynamic and responsive. As stated, Will's output is very inspiring to me. Hopefully my playing showed that. Towards the end of the second set, I simply stopped playing my drums and listened to Will, more as a fan than a duo partner. I guess I kind of got lost in that for a few minutes. Will's Surreal Trance moves will have that effect!
All told, a very fun, inspiring, and just downright lovely evening spent in the Haight Ashbury District.
Many thanks to Will for including me, and to Soloman for opening his space to us.

Below: drums and musicians
 Recordings were made, and it's my hope that they'll be made available at some point.

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