Saturday, February 24, 2018

Crow Crash Radio-Adobe Books, San Francisco CA; 2/23/18

A cold, clear night in the Mission had Crow Crash Radio posted up with Psych Rock stalwarts Dire Wolves at Adobe Books, along with Toronto's Picastro.
In planning for this show, drummer Sheila Bosco and I had decided that, on account of the very limited space of the shop, we'd back line. Sheila graciously offered the use of her bitchin shimmery old Ludwig kit from the 1960's. It's always tuned well, always a joy to play, so, naturally, I was fine with that.
Crow Crash Radio cooked up a 30 minute set, made up of about five pieces. We strung the first three numbers together, the highlight being a really spare, Blues-ey version of Bob Dylan's One More Cup of Coffee. That was fun to play, as are most Dylan songs. Also cool for me was a zippy take on Streets of Bakersfield, our tribute to Buck Owens.
All in all, it felt as though our set had a good pace along with well executed changes in dynamics. A couple of biffs, here and there, but for the most part solid. Guitarist Geoffrey Alexander told us that we "set up a vibe"; I'll take that as a compliment, especially after his fired up six string ass kicking during Dire Wolves set.
A fun night of music and books. Just like the last time I played at Adobe, I found more unread Burroughs. Coolness.

Below: Oyster shell Ludwigs; Crow Crash Radio melding (photo by Sheila Bosco, thanks Sheila!)

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