Saturday, July 17, 2010

Barney Cauldron live at the Black Cat Bar in Penngrove, CA 7/16/10

As mentioned in the previous post, Barney Cauldron took our "Post-Everything Free Rock" up to Penngrove, in Sonoma county, for a show at the fabulous Black Cat Bar.
BC played there one time last year, but with a very different lineup. This show's version of Barney featured Dan Kennedy on bass, Dylan Haas on sax, keys, percussion and vocals, Scarp Home on horns, percussion, vocals, and loops, Scott Jones on guitar, and myself on drums and vocals.
As there was no other band booked, we got to play two sets. Set number one was the tighter of the two. We played one extended 45 minute jam, and actually had people dancing. I feel that if someone is going to dance while I'm playing music, I'll honor that and try to play rhythmically for them. It was nice to see people having a good time to our weird spaced out sounds.
Set number two was looser and weirder, broken up into three or four jams, including Barney Cauldron's version of Free Bird (played by request, yes there are actually ass hats who still call out for that old warhorse as some kind of ironic gesture).
Sadly, we found out that the Black Cat has been sold, and this 28 year old spot will most likely go through some serious changes. I'm sure everyone had fun while it lasted. Nothing lasts forever.
Above: as usual, I'm somewhat perplexed by it all.
Below: the boys in the band shout "SKYNYRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  1. Hi I'm an old friend of Scarp. I thought I would look him up on the Internet and say hi. My name is Paul Van Slyke. Could you pass along my email?