Friday, July 30, 2010

Ovipositor at Hemlock Tavern, 7/29/10

It looks like there will be no photos.
That said, I felt like Ovipositor played ragged, but oh, so right. Cartographer and Generalissimo are bands with sounds built upon precision playing, and Ovipositor stuck out like a sore thumb in terms of that approach. Still, there was an energy to our set that left me really buzzing and SATISFIED.
The previous evening had Tom Herman opining that all 1960's Rock-n-Roll bands had to have a spot during which someone yells "HEY!" I figured that during Ovipositor's impromptu version of Tom's great Tripod Jimmie tune, While I Wasn't Looking, I'd pay homage to Tom and yell out some "Heys!" myself.
It was a fun night.

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