Sunday, February 6, 2011

Session work, pt. 2-The Freak Accident

Ralph Spight is a deservedly respected figure within the SF Bay Area Rock scene, not to mention around the rest of the world. He's gone everywhere with his band Victims Family, which has been playing for over two decades.
I first got to know Ralph when he played in the VF off-shoot Hellworms. They remain one of the best bands I've ever seen.
Ralph helped Birdsaw book a national tour in 2000, and Birdsaw played with Hellworms once, at the Paradise Lounge in SF, with Deadweight.
In 2003 I bumped into Ralph at at Oxbow show, and he mentioned that he needed some drums for a solo record that he was producing. I jumped at the chance to make music with him.
These two tracks, with me on drums, were recorded at Ralph's space at Secret Studios in San Francisco, right off of Cesar Chavez St. They were done in a day. Ralph paid me well for my time, and I remain grateful to him for his generosity on so many levels. He's a mensch.

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