Saturday, April 9, 2011

Barney Cauldron-Live at the Stork Club, 1/10/2008

This recording is the document of Barney Cauldron's first show, at Oakland's much-heralded Stork Club. Scott somehow managed to get us on a bill with two other bands. When we showed up for sound check, we found out that the owner had double-booked the the show. There were now five bands playing. We quickly assessed the situation, and managed to talk the other bands into letting us play first. 
If one makes it far enough into this blast of noise to hear my vocals, they will be treated to my Black Masons rant. At that time, I was obsessed with African American Masonic lodges of the early 20th Century. I can't recall why.
On this recording, Barney Cauldron consisted of:
Scott Jones-Guitar, loops
Mark Pino-Drums, vocals

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