Friday, December 6, 2013

Cloud Shepherd-Luggage Store Gallery, SF; 12/5/13

Last night the men of Cloud Shepherd convened at SF's venerable Luggage Store Gallery to play our first gig in months.
Things started off well, as I was enjoying playing the revamped Cloud Kit. We dove into a piece featuring alto sax, Cloud Kit, and theremin. After a time, though, I started to feel the absence of Brian, who was not able to make the show due to logistical snafus. What started as a gap gradually intensified into a chasm in my mind, as Brian's bass playing always provides me with an anchor. Scary stuff!
Anyway, we got through our abbreviated set and beat a hasty retreat. Ah, well. Improvised Music is tough!

Above: Cloud Shepherd minus 1! Photo courtesy of CJ Borosque. Thanks, CJ!
Below: Cloud Shepherd live shots, courtesy of Michael Lowe-Grandi. Thanks, Michael!

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