Saturday, December 7, 2013

Janina Angel Bath Group-Harmonia, Sausalito; 12/6/13

Last night the Janina Angel Bath Group slogged through a cold rain to get to Sausalito's Harmonia, a great space that used to the Record Plant. I was excited when I realized that Alice Coltrane had recorded there. Man, the carpentry of that place! Beautiful.
We played a short set of five tunes, and I felt like things hung together really well. None of the terror feelings of the previous evening's gig were present!
A fun, sweet gig, and a really nice way to finish off this year's gigging commitments.

Above: Michael ready to drift
Below: Brian with the Folk Songstress guitar
Below: Janina at the keys

Matt of White Light Prism filmed video, so perhaps at some point there will be footage to post.
Below: Mark at the Cloud Kit. Photo by Brian Lucas. Thanks, Brian!

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